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Resolutions 2014

  Happy New Year!  2014!  It will take me an entire month to remember the New Year!  According to popular press, I am supposed to get my home organized, prepare healthier meals, and exercise more.  And anything else that will make me a better person.  Statistics show that by the end of January, many dieters have fallen off the wagon, as have the would be exercisers.  So many messages—what

Tips to Promote a Healthy Weight in your Kids

Maybe you’re concerned about your child’s weight. Maybe your child’s pediatrician has expressed concern or perhaps you have been trying to make healthy changes for a while now. What do you do? Instead of trying to conquer the whole mountain all at once, let’s just think about a few simple changes that could really make a strong influence on your family. First, let’s recognize that as parents, you are in the best position to help your kids develop healthy habits.

Sports Nutrition

Information for Endurance Athletes

Thank you to our dietetic intern Nate Lore for submitting this weeks blog article. My name is Nate Lore and I’m a dietetic Intern at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am a big fan of summer outdoor activities and often enjoy running, biking, and sand volleyball. Whether you are out there to compete or just participating for fun, here are a few simple things to remember. With long endurance activities, like marathon running or long distance biking: It