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A Day in the Life of an Extension Educator

My name is Cindy.  I am an Extension Educator working for Nebraska Extension.  I am a Registered Dietitian, avid gardener and mother of three busy children.   Recently, I got the privilege to participate in a SARE tour.  SARE stands for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.  Funded by the USDA,  the national SARE program supports and promotes sustainable farming and ranching.  They offer competitive grants and educational opportunities for producers, scientists, educators, institutions, organizations and others exploring sustainable agriculture.   In more

3 Simple Garden Fresh Recipes

                It’s easy to eat healthy right now with all the fresh produce very much in season.  Between my small garden, the garden at work, and bags full of produce from Community Support Agriculture (CSA) I’ve stayed busy creating fun new recipes and revisiting my summer favorites. Leeks In our CSA bag this week I got cabbage, leeks, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini.  I decided to wing it and make up a “chop salad,” recipe,

Potatoes Are Nutritious & Delicious

Potatoes sometimes get a bad reputation for not being a healthy vegetables. To the contrary potatoes are loaded with nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber.  It is what we often do to potatoes (fry them, load them, etc.) that steal from their nutrient profile.  To get the most nutrient bang for your buck keep the potato peel on.  By eating the entire potato you will be getting all the nutrients it has to offer. There are over