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Feast or Famine with Produce

      It is the second week in August.  School starts next week.  We picked our first ripe tomato last week from the garden.  This week I have seven eggplant, four zucchini, a dozen ears of corn, six peaches, six pounds of strawberries, 6 pounds of blueberries, five green peppers, a big bowl of cherry tomatoes, and loads of ripening tomatoes that will be ready anytime.  On top of that we have two ripe cantaloupes and one black diamond watermelon!  Oh my! 

Corn: So Much to get Steamed About!

  Corn on the cob is a favorite summertime food---and in season now!  It is great steamed, grilled or roasted.  You can serve it hot or cold in salads.  It is a great source of fiber and iron.  What’s not to like about corn?!  There are many little known facts about corn.  See if you were aware of any of these?
  • During the 2015 growing season, it is estimated that 82% of Nebraska’s 1.6021 billion bushels produced during the year will

Farmers Markets

When you work at the Extension Office, you can tell spring has arrived by a couple of signs.  First, the master gardeners have come back and have started answering gardening calls--lots of them!  The second sign is the start of local farmers markets.  Many have started--and others will start soon. Farmers markets are places where you can purchase local produce, and in many cases other locally produced items.  The positive aspect of local produce is that it is fresh--probably just picked