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Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Health Benefits

A couple weeks ago I attended a conference that brought together Extension professionals with UNL research faculty. One of the breakout sessions that I attended, Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Brain and Health, was quite informative. Dr. Concetta DiRusso, professor in the Department of Biochemistry, introduced us to the different fatty acid classes, and their role in human health. As well as, other research being done in the FATTT LAB (Fatty Acid Transport, more

Learning to say, “no.”

Saying, "no," when all you really want to do is shout, "YES," is not an easy feat. Learning to say, "no," has been my "burden to bear" these past few months. I've become more accustomed to saying, "no, thank you," but there are definitely times when I am tempted to cave and say, "Yes, I would love a piece of that chocolate cake!" or, "Yes, please sprinkle a little cheese on top!" To give you a little context here, I mentioned

Eating Safely During Pregnancy – From Cravings to Indecisiveness

So far this pregnancy has thrown a curve ball at my appetite. Early on, my appetite was non-existent and nothing sounded good. Deciding what to eat at my next meal was a challenge so I didn't even want to think about planning ahead. Now that I'm past the nausea and morning sickness, my appetite is much stronger, but I still find it hard to decide what to eat. In fact, earlier this week, I struggled to figure out what to eat for