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Weight Gain during Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you want everything to go by the book. You read, you talk to friends and family, you ask your doctor questions to see if everything is progressing just the way it is supposed to. Weight gain is an inevitable AND essential part of pregnancy, but it is important to avoid putting on too much weight. Excess weight gain during pregnancy actually increases your risk for complications, such as, gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related high blood pressure. Not gaining enough weight

Exercising Post Partum: Ask for Help

My husband will be very happy with my blog this month and he deserves all the accolades I’m about to bestow.  I’m able to exercise after my second child because I have a very supportive husband.  He knows how important it is for me to exercise.  I’m sure he’d add that I’m always a little happier after a good workout so he benefits too.   Back when my daughter was born, she and I would go on an

Choline – The Hot New Pregnancy Nutrient

Last year at this time I was pregnant and I didn’t give the nutrient, choline much attention.  After attending a conference last week I wish I would have.  Choline started to get the interest of nutrition researchers when it was found that fetal rats whose mothers didn't get enough choline in their diets had less brain development and poorer memories after birth than those whose mothers ate adequate amounts of the nutrient. Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, the author of Expect