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Create Your Pregnancy Eating Plan

I'm a bit of a hound dog when pregnant, I can smell a donut from a mile away and garlic bread from a cafe down the street.  Once I am over the initial nauseous stage of the first trimester I really try to enjoy my heightened senses of pregnancy.  These heightened senses intensify the flavors and smells of food, making everything so much more enticing and delicious, at least for me.  Now I'm in my second trimester


Foods That May Make You Sick During Pregnancy

It is official, well it has been official just not to everyone out there in the blogosphere that I'm pregnant with baby number two.  This time around I am determined to be calmer, a more Zen-like pregnant woman.  Needless to say my first pregnancy and the "changes" that come along with it were not very welcomed.  I'll keep you updated on how my calmer approach to pregnancy goes, which will not be an easy task for a person