Create Your Pregnancy Eating Plan

I’m a bit of a hound dog when pregnant, I can smell a donut from a mile away and garlic bread from a cafe down the street.  Once I am over the initial nauseous stage of the first trimester I really try to enjoy my heightened senses of pregnancy.  These heightened senses intensify the flavors and smells of food, making everything so much more enticing and delicious, at least for me.  Now I’m in my second trimester and I’m excited to talk more about food and share resources that will help you easily create your very own pregnancy eating plan.

Last month I wrote about foods and drinks to avoid when pregnant but now it is time to talk about all the wonderful foods that a pregnant woman can and should enjoy.  Many women are confused about exactly how much food they should be eating each day, let alone understanding what it means to be “eating for two” when pregnant.

Below are links to that provide pregnant and breastfeeding women with wonderful tools that create an “Eating Plan” and a “Menu Plan” based on their age, height, weight, activity level, and their baby’s due date.  The Eating Plan is broken down into a woman’s first, second, and third trimester and takes into account her changing nutritional needs.  This link also provides tips from each of the five food groups.  For each food group there is a list of the foods that will provide the best nutrition and a reminder of the foods to avoid or limit when pregnant.  This is a wonderful resource and if you have any questions regarding it please add a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions, or concerns.





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2 Responses to "Create Your Pregnancy Eating Plan"

  1. Jenny

    Thanks for the links – I am in my second trimester and wondering if I’m getting the right amounts of foods. I’m teaching a nutrition class (I’m an RD) and I will pass on the information – our textbook says that MyPyramid does not have resources for pregnancy/lactation. I’m happy to learn that the book is wrong!

    (The link is not working now, but I will try again later). Congrats on surviving the nausea – I know I felt like a new woman when it finally went away. 🙂

  2. I double checked the linked and it should be working, sometimes it takes a while to open up the web pages. Your textbook was right, at the time the MyPyramid for pregnancy just came out within the last 6 months:). It is a great tool.