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Picklers verses Slicers

This week we had a couple of large cucumbers in our CSA bag and because I am a canner; I thought that this was a good time discuss the difference between a slicer and a pickling cucumber. The cucumbers that were in the bag are great for eating raw but they are not what you want to look for in a cucumber when making homemade pickles. Cucumbers grown specifically for pickling will give you the best product in the end. They

Dehydrating Herbs: Fresh Today, Dehydrated this Winter!

              Growing herbs is a pastime of mine. My garden contains numerous varieties—from garlic and onion chives to lavender and rosemary.   When the weather starts to get cooler, I start to dehydrate my favorites. September 2014 011 All summer long I keep an eye on my dill, as I save the seeds to dry. I have a killer cottage cheese dill quick bread recipe that I love to use it in.  I replant my

So Many Recipes–So Little Time!

                This has been the oddest summer--one week it's almost 100 degrees, the next we get 10 inches of rain, and today the high is 60 degrees!  This does lots of nasty things to produce!  This week, our CSA bag was loaded with new potatoes, tomatoes, acorn and spaghetti squash and sweet peppers. Everything looks terrific, considering. photo 1 (2) I need to take a dish to a football party, and was trying to think