So Many Recipes–So Little Time!









This has been the oddest summer–one week it’s almost 100 degrees, the next we get 10 inches of rain, and today the high is 60 degrees!  This does lots of nasty things to produce!  This week, our CSA bag was loaded with new potatoes, tomatoes, acorn and spaghetti squash and sweet peppers. Everything looks terrific, considering.

photo 1 (2)

I need to take a dish to a football party, and was trying to think of a recipe with all this lovely produce–but tailgate-like.  Then it struck me–I LOVE Caprese salad, and so does most of my family!  What about Caprese potato salad?!  Thanks to the Idaho Potato Commission, I found a simple and tasty recipe!  It is quick to make, and I made it tonight so all of the flavors would meld for tomorrow!  Give it a try!


Now, I also wanted to try a new spaghetti recipe that came in one of my numerous emails–Kraft Cavatappi Pomodoro.  The recipe called for canned tomatoes, but fresh are even better!  Another keeper of a recipe for our house!


I was on a roll-so I tried one more!   I had a zucchini from my garden that needed to be used- so I tried Healthy Fudgy Chocolate Zucchini Brownies.  I liked the recipe–it was moist, and you would never know there was zucchini in it–but I thought it wasn’t sweet enough.  My husband thought it would be good with ice cream!  Everyone at work who tried itthought it was fine.  Try this one too–and see what you think!



One thing that is very nice for us, is that we still have the parking lot garden doing well!  It is so nice to walk by and pick a few tomatoes and some fresh basil when we need to demonstrate a recipe.  The garden really proves that you can plant ANYWHERE!  Thank you Wednesday Ladies for all of your hard work!  The parking lot will look much better once all of the drainage work is finished!


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