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A Little of This, Some of That

    The Recipe ReDux was developed as a fun and social way to provide great tasting, healthful recipes based on whole foods and sound nutrition principals. We participate in this wonderful blog-roll monthly, with exciting themes, and then we can also provide other nutrition professional's blogs for you enjoyment too!  This month's theme was "bring your family back to the table."  Check out my answer to feeding a busy family quickly! School has started and I find I have even less time

8 Health Benefits of Eating Cantaloupe

                Cantaloupe is ripe for the picking in late summer. Cantaloupe is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Cantaloupe smoothies are an refreshing and easy way to get the vitamin A and C that our bodies need. The health benefits of Vitamin A: 1. Promotes eye health and helps you see in the dark. 2. Fights off infection. 3. Improves the health of our skin. 4. Keeps our immune system healthy. The health benefits of Vitamin C: 5. Is an antioxidant the blocks the damaging

A Mixed Bag of Decisions

    It's the second week in August, and it seems like everything is ripening at the same time.  This week's CSA bag came with cucumbers, peaches, a nice head of purple cabbage and a large green pepper.  What can I do that is new?  What can I do that my picky family will eat?  A friend had placed a great looking recipe on Facebook the other day, so I copied that one off.  I saw another one on Pinterest for a