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Find a Pot of Golden Health with a Rainbow Smoothie

This publication has been peer reviewed. Find this article on-line at: http://www.cookitquick.org/blog. Scan the QR code for more food and fitness information. By Jamie Goffena, Nebraska Extension Educator, jgoffena2@unl.edu. Fruits and vegetables are like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it comes to eating. They provide many flavors, textures and aromas. Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables provides needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients for good nutrition and health. Research indicates that people

Are Canned Fruits and Vegetables Bad for My Kids?

Most people are surprised to learn that canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are not bad but good!  The nutrient content of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables is comparable to that of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I’ve heard people say, “If it isn’t fresh, it doesn’t count.”  Thankfully, that just isn’t true.  In some cases canned and frozen is even superior in nutrient content than fresh produce.  For example studies have shown that fresh tomatoes have less lycopene than

Healthy Snacking on the Go!

As a child I remember not being able to eat in my parents’ cars.  We lived in a small town so it only took a few minutes to get around.  Plus, I don’t think we were as fully scheduled as kids and families are today, so our time in the car was minimal.  Well times have changed and I’m sure my mom cringes when she gets in my car and sees all the food debris. The older my kids get