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The Value of Grocery Shopping with Kids

For my very first Mother’s Day I asked my husband for one simple gift:  To go to the grocery store by myself, and without my cute but demanding 3 month old baby boy.  Most mothers can relate to the simple treasure of a kid free shopping experiences.  As my kids have gotten older (4 and 8 years old) I have found that going to the grocery store with them is more doable.  I try to be patient and use our

10 Fun Ways to Motivate Your Children to Eat More Fruits & Veggies

When both of my children were toddlers they were great about eating a large variety of fruits or vegetables.  They hadn’t yet developed the fear to green foods.  Is that taught in school?  It seems that now that they are both in school they have taken the “no green food” pact and they have become much more fruit and vegetable picky.  One day strawberries are acceptable to send in their lunch and the next day it is a forbidden fruit. 

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