Classroom Snack Make-Over

My son is 16 months old and not officially in “school” but he is in daycare. Weekly I see cake and cookies brought into daycare to celebrate a children’s birthdays and holidays. This just makes me cringe and I’m sure I’m not the only parent with this concern.

Don’t get me wrong I truly believe and practice the idea that “all food fit” into a healthy lifestyle but other snacks would be as equally appealing to kids if given a chance. Thus, in my attempt to reverse the cake, cookie and pop as the only acceptable snack trend I’d like to share some classroom snack alternatives to bring into our children’s classrooms to celebrate the many special occasions.

Yummy Bugs
1 serving

  • 2 round crackers
  • 1 Tbs. peanut butter
  • 6 pretzel sticks
  • 2 raisins or craisins

1. Spread peanut butter on one cracker.
2. Put the pretzel sticks on the peanut butter, 2 on each side to look like legs.
3. Put the raisins on one end to look like eyes.
4. Place the other cracker on top.

Below are more snack ideas that are time savers because you may buy them at the grocery store premade and individually packaged.

  • Dried fruit packs
  • Pudding cups
  • Applesauce
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Nut mixes
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Trail Mix
  • Popcorn
  • 100% fruit juice
  • Whole grain teddy graham
  • Gold fish cracker
  • Fruit cups
  • Go-Gurt portable yogurt – Freeze them for an extra special frozen treat.

2 Responses to "Classroom Snack Make-Over"

  1. Cel Tonn

    Our preschool requires only pre-packaged snacks. It’s tough to come up with ideas that are not too pricey and low in fat. You gave me some good suggestions — thanks!

  2. De Leon

    Loved the ideas. Can’t wait to excite my children’s classrooms with these ideas.