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Trying New Foods + Recipe: Bok Choy & Chicken Soup

  When was the last time you tried a new vegetable? Since participating in our local CSA, I have been able to try several new foods. Most recently, I had the opportunity to try cooking with bok choy. It is a type of leafy green typically found in Asian dishes like stir-fry or it can be simply roasted. It is also easily added into soups like the featured recipe below, Bok Choy & Chicken Soup. Introducing new foods to your

Cooking with Cabbage

                Our blogging team received our first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bag of the season! We will be taking turns posting about the health benefits of eating these vegetables and the recipes we create. In the first bag was a giant head of cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce. With the cabbage I made Sriracha Lime Roasted Cabbage. This had an awesome flavor. I plan on making this sauce again to put on grill chicken. My children and niece also helped me use the cabbage to make Runza's, a Nebraska favorite. I couldn't believe how

Ten Things I Love About Dairy!

            June Is National Dairy Month!  It is also National Dairy’s Council 100-year anniversary!  What better way to celebrate then to list ten things we love about dairy! milk bday cake
  1. I love chocolate milk--it's like having dessert without any guilt!  I encourage my kids to have it for a quick breakfast, or after football/soccer/basketball/exercise!
  2. It comes in gallons.  For a family who drinks about 8 gallons a week, I wish it came delivered!  Skim