Ten Things I Love About Dairy!







June Is National Dairy Month!  It is also National Dairy’s Council 100-year anniversary!  What better way to celebrate then to list ten things we love about dairy!

milk bday cake

  1. I love chocolate milk–it’s like having dessert without any guilt!  I encourage my kids to have it for a quick breakfast, or after football/soccer/basketball/exercise!
  2. It comes in gallons.  For a family who drinks about 8 gallons a week, I wish it came delivered!  Skim is the best for my family, and we all drink it!
  3. It is nutrient rich!  As a Mom, I want my kids to have strong bones, and osteoporosis runs in my family–so it is even more important.
  4. It is economical!  A gallon is $2.70, and will last about a day–much cheaper and more tasty that a supplement!
  5. It is so versatile!  Today we can have pudding, or pour it on our oatmeal, or dunk a cookie, or add it to a dish we are making.  It adds nutrients and richness to whatever we are making.
  6. Ice cream–need I say more.  My favorite is butter brickle.  And chocolate.  And Oreo Cookie.  I guess I never met a bowl of ice cream that I didn’t like!
  7. It’s a local product.  All of my milk comes from within a 100 mile radius of where I live.  I am supporting local dairy farmers with every glass we drink!
  8. The farmers that provide my milk are extremely smart, dedicated, hard working people who care about their animals.  Their dairy cattle are their lively hood–so of course they treat them well!
  9. Evaporated versions make excellent soups and chowders.  I can still get the smooth, creamy mouth feel of whole milk in a soup by using low-fat evaporated milk.  All of the yum without all of the calories and fat!
  10. It tastes good–I like mine extremely cold in a glass drinking glass.  On a hot summers day–it tastes incredible!


The reasons to love dairy don’t end here. Check out more from Midwest Dairy Council.

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