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Roasted Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

This week we had butternut squash in the CSA bag and I wanted to use it multiple ways. One night we had roasted butternut squash with honey-glazed salmon. This dinner was great, but I feel like the real "magic" happened with my leftovers. I know, I don't know if I have ever used magic and leftovers in the same sentence. I had dreamed of making this great recipe for Creamy, Light Macaroni & Cheese I had ran across when searching for butternut

Getting Familiar with Red Cabbage

We all have a set of foods that we typically eat. If we really counted the number of foods we had on a regular basis, it probably wouldn't vary a great deal. By joining a CSA, it has forced me to get more familiar with vegetables outside of my typical wheelhouse. Cabbage is one of those vegetables that I'm still working on. I like it, but don't really have much experience cooking

Gearing up for Thanksgiving with Lactose Intolerance + Pumpkin Bread Pudding

I have a soft spot for bread pudding and when I add pumpkin to the mix that spot gets even softer! This bread pudding is perfect for this time of year. I consider bread pudding to be a bit of an indulgence because it is made with lots of cream and whole milk. We should all take the time to enjoy and appreciate the foods we love (aka indulge every once in a while), but that can be more challenging when you

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