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Doesn’t Eating Healthy Cost More?

This is a question I often get when teaching healthy eating to budget-minded individuals.  It’s true that some healthy foods will cost more than some less healthy foods.  But, there’s a wealth of low cost recipes that are easy to prepare and packed with nutrients.  Most importantly, they taste great! Let’s take a look at a convenience meal versus an easy home-cooked meal in terms of cost and nutrition. Let’s look at a typical meal from McDonalds – specifically a Big Mac,

Tasty Changes to a Healthier Summer

Does summertime mean ice cream time to you too? I love ending a summer day on our deck enjoying a bowl of ice cream and simply catching up with my husband. The moment the weather gets warm, we start this fun ritual. Ice cream is a wonderful treat, but too many nights in a row sends the number on my scale creeping upwards. In my pursuit to find a healthier – but equally tasty frozen treat – I found this fabulous

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