A Woman’s Healthy Choices Affect More Than Herself

And that’s a wonderful thing!  Think of those around you when you need some extra motivation to eat nutritiously and be physically active.  As friends, daughters, wives, and mothers, our healthy behaviors can positively influence those around us.


As friends…
After graduating from college, I worked long hours at a consulting firm and often didn’t know what time I’d leave at the end of each day.  The only time I really had to exercise was five o’clock in the morning.  Every day of the week, I’d get myself up out of bed with a smile on my face, knowing that once I got to the gym or track, my friend Shannan would be waiting for me.  Our daily workouts are some of my favorite memories.  It seems that with every new place I’ve lived, there’s been a friend that’s encouraged me to be active.

Running Buddies
Two of my running buddies who encouraged me to complete another marathon.

As daughters…
When life is super busy, our daughter helps my husband and I slow down and take time for our family.  When we don’t think we have any time to play, Ashley makes us realize that taking 15 minutes to kick or toss a ball outside can fit into the day’s “to do” list.  A little running around combined with some good laughs puts us all in a better mood, relieves stress, and energizes us to keep working away at the things we need to do.  Ashley shows us that activity doesn’t have to be a solid 45 minute run – it can be multiple bursts of fun activity throughout the day.

As wives…
Becoming husband and wife also means sharing most meals together.  This can sometimes be an interesting process of combining different eating styles.  My husband tends to eat what’s easiest and on hand.  If his choices are a bag of chips in the cupboard or a whole watermelon on the counter, he undoubtedly will grab the chips.  But, if there are watermelon slices in the fridge, he’s likely to choose a slice as a snack over chips.  To quote him today as he was laughing, “I’m just not into food prep.”  It really doesn’t take me any extra time to wash some extra cherries or make a larger salad.  Since being married, my husband will tell you that his fruit and vegetable consumption has more than doubled.

As mothers…
A few years ago, I attended a great lecture by an endocrinologist who was treating overweight children with Type 2 diabetes.  Afterwards, I asked the doctor what he thought was the main reason some children were successful at losing weight.  He said that without a doubt, when parents start to lose weight and develop healthy habits, you see the children lose weight and become healthier.


Our children learn eating and activity habits from us.  We are the ones that provide the food options in the home.  Young children will eat and drink what is available to them.  A child who complains they are bored will likely jump at the opportunity to run outside in the sprinkler with mom or shoot a few hoops together.

So as you make healthy choices, know you are inspiring someone else to do the same.

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2 Responses to "A Woman’s Healthy Choices Affect More Than Herself"

  1. Monika Woolsey

    Love it love it love it! I never cease to be amazed at the parents coming to me to get their kids to lose weight who have not stopped to look at what their own choices are contributing to the problem. Or, the women wanting help with infertility who are not willing to make choices beneficial to mother and potential baby. Definitely a trickle down effect going on!

    Thank you so much for participating and sharing your thoughts again! See you online…and hopefully in the next blogfest!


  2. Tristian's Mom

    I like the links after the article, there is A TON of info. in this blog!!!