4 Fun Brunch Recipes

Spring is filled with graduation parties, baby showers, and wedding showers.  Check out these nutritious and colorful recipes below.  I’ve made each of these recipe numerous times.  They have always been a hit.  Click on each picture to be linked to the recipe and additional useful information on how to serve flavorful and healthy food!









Strawberry Lemonade Slush
Always a hit with kids and adults.The lemonade gives it a fun kick.


Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Dip
I love this dip. It is easy to make and a great source of protein and chocolate








Red, White, and Blue Parfait
This parfait would be great for a baby shower. If the mom to be isn’t finding out the gender of the baby it would be a fun way to incorporate pink and blue onto the menu.








Elegant Orzo Pasta Salad
This photo doesn’t do the recipe justice. It was taken pre-good camera. This is one of my all time favorite pasta salads. It is a perfect blend of orzo pasta, spinach, tomatoes, balsamic, and roasted pine nuts.

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