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Basil Bountiful

One of our favorite herbs, which we plant in the spring outdoors, is basil. Luckily basil grows well even for someone, like me, who doesn't have a green thumb. Moderate moisture and sunlight will give you enough basil to use fresh throughout the summer, or more to preserve for longer periods of time. When harvesting basil, choose evenly colored leaves, with no indication of wilting or insects. You can keep basil refrigerated wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel and then

Making Healthy Eating a Reality: Freezer Cooking Makes Cooking Fun!!

When I mention Freezer Cooking, do you wonder what I'm talking about? About two years ago my sister-in-law mentioned how she and a friend got together once a month to prepare about 20 different freezer meals in a two day process. She happily explained how it made putting healthy meals on the table for her family every night easy. Easy? Hmmm...I had to learn more about this concept for myself. Freezer Cooking is simply preparing meals ahead of time and freezing

Making Healthy Eating a Reality: Meal Planning Pays Off!

This month marks the start of my new series – Making Healthy Eating a Reality.  Working with families has taught me that many people know what healthy eating is.  The challenge comes in implementing that knowledge on a daily basis.

Oftentimes the challenges to eating healthy seem overwhelming.  We are short on time, our kids are involved in numerous activities after school and in the evening, and we have our own obligations from work to church and on and on.