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Grilled Vegetables–Not Like Your Mom Made!

Placing food on a grill gives it a flavor that cannot be described any other way then--YUMMY!  It's like cooking with herbs--no added calories, sodium or fat--just pure flavor.  Vegetables taste different on the grill--and sometimes children are more likely to try them if they look like their hot dogs do!  Grilled vegetables can be used for salads, as a stand alone, or incorporated into a protein item.  I love to grill different types of sliced summer squash and place

Nutrition Know How – Making Your Life Easier

Nutrition Know How is an educational blog, developed by UNL-Extension food and nutrition staff in Douglas/Sarpy County, with relevant and practical food and nutrition articles posted in reverse-chronological order. We find blogging a creative way to reach people with the great scientific knowledge and resources we have regarding eating and making it practical. Our goal is to help people find ways to eat healthy on a daily basis in an informal and personal way. We enjoy providing specific tips for individuals to improve