Cooking With Carbs

Whole wheat pasta, wild rice and legumes.  These are all very healthy additions to our everyday meals.  Many people stay away from these items, not because they do not like them, but because they do not know how to prepare them correctly.  Others do not know how to figure cooked amounts.   For example-what is a serving of rice, and how much uncooked rice will serve a certain amount of family members?  I know that I have overestimated how much rice or pasta to make before.  I don’t mind, because I always utilize the leftovers.  My problem is not cooking enough.  When all of the spaghetti is dished out, and I am short-there are problems at my house!

To make meal preparation easier, I have put together a cheat sheet on starch-cookery.  It includes amounts to serve and preparation instructions.  The chart includes choosing potatoes, cooking rice, beans, grains and pasta.  I hope you are able to utilize this sheet, and include more whole grains into your everyday diet!

Here are a few websites you may want to visit for further information and recipes for these carbohydrate foods.

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  1. tristian's mommy

    I had never even looked at the whole wheat pasta because we try to stick to a pretty limited food budget. I was SHOCKED when I finally did look, the whole wheat pasta was only $.30 more for a bag than the white noodles. Definately something we could work into our budget!!!