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Shrimp into the New Year

My new year's resolution for this year is not a lofty goal.  It is pretty plain and simple, "learn how to cook shrimp."  It may seem like an easy task but for a girl born and raised in Nebraska I didn't grow up eating seafood, unless you count fried fish from Long John's Silver.   In more recent years I've started to eat shrimp when eating out and paying a pretty price for it.  So I figured it was time for

Grocery Store Money Saving Tips

December always sneaks up on me and my banking account.  I always try to save extra money for buying gifts but I often forget about all the extra food costs that I accrue during this month.  Baking and holiday parties take a toll on our monthly food budget.  This year I am ready.   I have adjusted my monthly food budget and have brushed up on my grocery shopping money saving skills. One of the most important steps in saving money at

Choose Foods and Habits That Will Combat Stress

  Stress is an essential part of living a productive life.  However, most of us have more stress in our lives than we need.  As a result of our high stress levels we often choose stress-prone eating behaviors that further stress our bodies.  These stress-prone eating behaviors include choosing foods and beverages that are high in fat, sugar, and caffeine.  These eating behaviors further stress our bodies and do not provide our bodies the nutrients they need. The good news is that