Local Produce

I have participated in two CSA’s. I have purchased foods from farmer’s markets. I have purchased foods from a food coop. I have grown my own produce for over 24 years. I am hooked on fresh produce. When I was growing up a hundred years ago, we only ate seasonal produce, and canned or frozen the rest of the year. Now we can get produce from all over the world at any time of the year. That’s progress! Sort of…..

Have you ever had a tomato in season? It tastes completely different than one that came from half way across the world. They may taste sandy and tough. Fresh local produce has a different taste. The first tomato of the season is like eating your favorite food. You savour it. That’s how produce should be enjoyed. It’s now the middle of October though–and I have the last remnants of my garden producing. What can I do with all my bits and pieces? It tastes wonderful, and I would love to maintain that flavor into the winter!

All this brings me to preserving late produce. I have had dozens of eggplant ripen in the last two weeks. Tons of little tomatoes, lots of herbs, and the final bunch of carrots. On top of that, I had two CSA bags last week–more eggplant, numerous varieties of squash, and onions. I cooked all of the squash and froze them for later. I made Baba Ghanoush with many of the eggplant. I used up many of my herbs in dips and a really tasty roast! I have started dehydrating the rest of my herbs.

I made a roast from my local coop and added homegrown potatoes and carrots.  So yummy.  And nutritious.  Local produce sits less in transit.  every day produce sits without being eaten, it looses a little of its nutritional value.  If you picked it today, it’s at the peak of nutrition.

All these ramblings are to get you thinking about local produce.  Whether you grew it or purchased it, local produce supports a local farmer and his or her family.  It helps keep your neighbors in business–and you get great food too.  It’s a win-win situation.

If you have lots of potatoes hanging around this week, give my favorite herb-teriyaki recipe a try!

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