We Need To Purchase What?

After the holidays it was brought to my attention that the home microwave was acting funny. Not ha-ha funny — but it was not working like it should. Now that does not surprise me, the microwave was a wedding gift. And my husband and I are fast approaching 25 years.

So now the shopping begins, my husband is really into looking at the Internet, reading articles — you know research. I on the other hand need to go and physically look at what is out there. My oh my. What a variety of makes, models, wattages and features. After spending much time shopping (which by the way is not my thing) I decided I needed to sit down and ask myself some questions.

1. How much space do I have?  Mine will be on the countertop and most newer models are smaller than my older one.
2. What kind of wattage do I need?  Newer models have higher wattages than what my old one has. This should make cooking in it very interesting for awhile since most of my recipes are for a lower wattage oven.
3. How easy is it to clean?  Flat touch pad and door opener – makes cleaning easier, also found one that has rounded back corners.
4. What interior dimensions do I want?  I have a couple of favorite dishes that I use and I want to make sure that they fit.
5. What features are available?  There are too many to mention, but the common ones include: express and extended cooking, inverter technology, sensor cooking, heating and defrosting, a turntable, etc.
6. What do I actually make in the microwave?  My family typically makes popcorn, hot chocolate, oatmeal, cook eggs for breakfast sandwiches and reheat leftovers.
I do a few more things: heat milk and butter to accurate temperature for bread making, melting butter, softening cream cheese, melting caramel or baking chocolate/candy coatings. re-liquify honey, soften tortillas, drying herbs,  steaming vegetables, candy making, cooking casseroles and meats, etc.

Now that my questions are asked I can go shopping and eliminate the models that don’t meet my requirements. And my husband can research fewer models, now that I have it narrowed down.

Don’t ask which one I choose — because until this wedding gift actually gives out I am more than happy to see it hang out and provide me with a bit more time. Call me a sentimental fool!!!

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