Thanksgiving Preparation

It’s time to start talking turkey!  Halloween is over, and everyone’s thoughts head towards Thanksgiving.  My nine year old says that Thanksgiving is the lost holiday crammed between Halloween and Christmas that everyone forgets.  I’m starting to think he’s right.  They have started playing Christmas music before Halloween.  Will they start advertising for Easter in December?  Sorry–that’s a whole other blog article!

In our family, Thanksgiving is all about tradition.  My mom makes the most wonderful pumpkin pies and dressing, and of course–homemade rolls.  My siblings and I bring side dishes and the fruit/vegetable tray.  Everyone brings their favorite beverage to share.  We share family favorites that we do not have at any other time of the year.  I always bring my Mother-in-laws sweet potatoes’ recipe, and her green bean recipe.  It’s the one with 3 pounds of Velveeta in it.  This recipe has been in past blogs if you are brave enough to give them a try!

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When looking at our traditional meal, I didn’t want to change anything, so I added a few things instead.  For example, I found this wonderful recipe from King Arthur Flour for New England Thanksgiving Bread.  I gave it a try last night–it turned out fine–just needed to rise longer than I decided to let it.  It was tasty for breakfast.  Maybe this could be added instead of dinner rolls to your menu?

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The other recipe was sent to me via Facebook from a friend.  It was a Baked Oatmeal recipe from Cooking Light in 2003.  It was being reposted by MyRecipes for Let’s Move.  In short–that means that it is healthier.  I was thinking Thanksgiving morning, this would be terrific.  Served warm or cold, it is a great dish.  I am going to add it to our day, so I won’t be tempted to knosh before dinner!

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