Easter Eggs 101


Every year at Easter, I get some of the same questions.  I thought I would share a few- maybe some of them are yours?

How long do they last when they are hard boiled? They are not shelf stable once they are cooked, and no-sorry–you can’t leave them out all night so the Easter Bunny can hide them and then eat them. You could leave them out and hide them, but don’t plan on eating them afterwards. Careful if you hide them outside! A few people have told me their dog ate them- or other animals.

How long can they sit out? Eggs can sit out a total of four hours before having to throw them away. That includes the time you dye them, hiding them, etc…. So keep track so no one gets sick.


How long can you keep them once they are hard boiled? Seven days in the fridge. Not forever. Again, if they are kept below 41 degrees or lower.

What’s the best way to cook them without causing the green ring around the yolk? There are many ways to hard boil eggs. My favorite way is to start with cold water. The eggs should be covered with at least an inch of cold water, then turn on the heat. Bring to a boil, then once it boils, set your timer for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, dump the boiling water and fill your pan with cold running water or plunge the eggs in ice water. I like to place the pan in the sink and let the cold water run over them for a few minutes. Then dry and refrigerate. You are ready to roll!

Can you dye cracked eggs? You should not. Will it kill you- probably not, but anytime the shell is cracked, it can let in bacteria. Eggs do crack when you boil them, but use them up quickly!

Finally, the Monday after Easter is always egg salad week! Enjoy!

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