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Sour Dough for Beginners

    Bread baking seems to be a lost art.  Bread machines have replaced the action of kneading.  Grocery stores are selling artesian style breads.  I am sure there are other reasons--but one thing is for sure--nothing beats the smell of fresh baking bread!  Any bread for that matter!  Once I mastered the art of bread making, I wanted to try different varieties and baking styles.  Sour dough was one I have always been curious about.This 

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You definitely know it is spring because of the crisp, round spears of asparagus that are in the produce aisles. When selecting or harvesting asparagus the tips should be pointed and tightly closed. To ensure cooking times for all spears are similar, select asparagus with the same thickness. Asparagus, counted in the vegetable group for MyPlate, is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which are antioxidants that may reduce your risk of heart disease and some cancers. Eye health

Easter Eggs 101

  Every year at Easter, I get some of the same questions.  I thought I would share a few- maybe some of them are yours? How long do they last when they are hard boiled? They are not shelf stable once they are cooked, and no-sorry--you can't leave them out all night so the Easter Bunny can hide them and then eat them. You could leave them out and hide them, but don't plan on eating them afterwards. Careful if you hide