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Keep Your Cool This Summer!

Ovens and air conditioners do not mix if your goal is to stay cool.  You can have tasty summer meals and keep the cooling bill under control at the same time with a few simple hints.  Rethink your cooking appliances.  Meals can be easily prepared on or in the following appliances:    
  • Grills
  • Toaster oven
  • Side burners on the grill
  • Bread machine
  • Slow cookers
  • Outdoor fire rings
  • Crock pots
  • Camp stoves
  • Electric roasters
  • Pressure cookers
Most of these appliances can easily be plugged in on a rain-safe patio.  Use caution around small

Keep it Simple

The media and diet industry has led us to believe that healthy eating has to be complex and confusing. Wrong! Healthy eating isn’t that hard, really. You don’t need a lot of money or a college degree in nutrition to be a healthy eater. So go ahead, eat and enjoy food! Everyday eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, including snacks in between meals. When choosing your meals try to include a food from each of the five food groups: grains, vegetable, fruit,