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Classroom Snack Make-Over

My son is 16 months old and not officially in “school” but he is in daycare. Weekly I see cake and cookies brought into daycare to celebrate a children’s birthdays and holidays. This just makes me cringe and I’m sure I’m not the only parent with this concern. Don’t get me wrong I truly believe and practice the idea that “all food fit” into a healthy lifestyle but other snacks would be as equally appealing to kids if given a chance.

Tasty Changes to a Healthier Summer

Does summertime mean ice cream time to you too? I love ending a summer day on our deck enjoying a bowl of ice cream and simply catching up with my husband. The moment the weather gets warm, we start this fun ritual. Ice cream is a wonderful treat, but too many nights in a row sends the number on my scale creeping upwards. In my pursuit to find a healthier – but equally tasty frozen treat – I found this fabulous

Hamburgers (or simply burgers)

One of America’s favorite foods, said to have made its first appearance in 1904, are hamburgers. Cheeseburgers, a favorite at our house, is said to have made their appearance in 1924. Grilling and hamburgers seemingly go hand in hand.

Tips to make the most of your grilling experience include:

First, when purchasing ground beef to make hamburger patties, look for meat that is coarsely ground. The reason, the finer the beef is ground the more compact the end product will be.