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Bag A Safe Lunch!

Packing a lunch your child will eat and not trade is tough.  Packing a safe lunch is not.  I find that following a few simple guidelines keeps my kid’s lunches safe. Start out your lunch preparation with clean hands, a clean counter, and a clean lunch container.  Insulated containers (better than paper) and lunch boxes need to be cleaned daily with hot soapy water.  Check all of your expiration dates—expired food is bad! Now you’re ready to choose your food items.  Remember

Doesn’t Eating Healthy Cost More?

This is a question I often get when teaching healthy eating to budget-minded individuals.  It’s true that some healthy foods will cost more than some less healthy foods.  But, there’s a wealth of low cost recipes that are easy to prepare and packed with nutrients.  Most importantly, they taste great! Let’s take a look at a convenience meal versus an easy home-cooked meal in terms of cost and nutrition. Let’s look at a typical meal from McDonalds – specifically a Big Mac,

Freezing Tomatoes

We have had a bumper crop of tomatoes thanks in part to the moisture and heat of the last few weeks. Now what do I do with so many that we can not eat enough to keep up with the crop. Tomatoes can be canned in the boiling water bath or the pressure canner, but with the temperature outside reaching in the upper nineties and lower one hundreds I hate to heat up the kitchen. So I opted to freeze