Beans, Beans, the Magical Food

Growing up the only beans I knew existed were green beans but through the years I have been exposed to many new bean-based dishes.  I can truly say that I now enjoy eating a variety of beans and value their high nutritional value.

Beans are one of the top super foods.  They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and protein.  Beans are very low in fat and contain no cholesterol. (Cholesterol is only found in food that comes from animals.)  The antioxidants that are found in beans disable the activity of free radicals in your body, thus slowing the aging and disease processes.

Many people are hesitant to eat beans because of their well-known side effect but this side effect can be managed.  Beans contain the sugar oligosaccharide that the body is unable to digest.  Therefore, producing gas and bloating.  If you are new to eating beans or eat them infrequently introduce them to your diet gradually.  Over time your body will adapt with less of the side effects.  Another option is to take Bea-no prior to consuming beans.  Bea-no is an over the counter tablet or liquid that contains the enzyme that breaks down oligosaccharide, thus preventing gas and bloating.

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