Kick Those Germs to the Curb!

Germs.  They are everywhere.  We carry millions of them on our hands.  Some are harmful, many are not.  Starting in the fall, many illnesses increase, like colds, the flu, diarrhea, and some that are food related.  Many of these outbreaks are caused by poor hygiene, usually unwashed or poorly washed hands.  Proper hand washing is the single most effective way to decrease these illnesses.

Did you know:

  • 50% of Americans do not wash their hands after using the restroom?  Another 25% only use cold water and soap, which does not remove germs well.  Only 25% of the population washes their hands appropriately to remove these illness causing germs.
  • 50% of many illnesses could be eliminated by proper hand washing.
  • 30% of people who cough or sneeze into their hands wash them afterwards
  • Kids who wash their hands at least four times per day experience up to 51% less sick days.
  • Over-use of anti-bacterial gels can lead to antibiotic resistance.
  • There are more germs in your kitchen sink, on your steering wheel, and your cell phone then in your toilet.

When should you wash your hands?

  • Before preparing or eating meal
  • After going to the restroom
  • After playing with a pet
  • When you are around an ill person
  • Anytime you touch your hair, face, mouth or other body parts
  • After you blow your nose or take out the garbage
  • After changing a diaper
  • After shopping
  • Any time your hands may come into contact with something unclean

Stay healthy this winter-get your flu shot and WASH YOUR HANDS, WASH YOUR HANDS, WASH YOUR HANDS!

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