Facts About Beef






The press delivers information on the latest research everyday.  One day a food is considered healthy for you, and the next it is not.  Then it is again!  What do you believe?  We work with beef specialist who keep us on top of the latest research.  I thought I would share some of their latest information with you–because it’s great stuff!

Ever wanted to know how high of a temperature is too high to cook beef?  Check this article out.

Is eating beef bad for your health?  Read this article

Does red meat cause cancer?  This one is interesting!.

What do dietitians say about red meat?  The answer may surprise you.

What are the facts on processed meat?  Can I have bacon everyday?

Want an explanation of the research behind beef and cancer?  This article explains it well.

Finally–if you want to stay up to the minute on beef and nutrition and safety, bookmark this page.  It’s a winner!

I hope this answers a few of your questions about beef.  Thanks to all of the great authors who provided these articles!



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